Monday, October 22, 2012

One LAST Post.....


Relax....I'm just moving my blog!  This will be the last post here on my Blogger blog.
All of my blog content from the last 3 years will still be here indefinately in case you have things bookmarked, etc. All NEW posts will be over on my new blog at

Yippee skippee! I am soooo excited to have you all visit me at my new home.

Thank you all for your support while I have been putting together this new place for my blog, new galleries (coming soon), and wait for it!.....the Archived Ustream Videos ...... Yes!.... REALLY!!!

Come over and check it out....I even have prizes! See you over there!!


Pink Mini's Info

The info for Pink Mini's for 2012 will be up later today on the Pink Mini's 2012 Blog. Check it out for info on the what, when, and where to send the photo's of your Pink Mini auction items. The AUCTION itself will take place on the Pink Mini 2012 Blog from October 29, 2012 to November 3, 2012. A huge THANK YOU to all participants!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Caravan pattern

The Caravan pattern is up on my website. I am in the process of releasing patterns to kit owners.

Class as scheduled Friday night.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Featured Project

Today I have a featured project over on the Paper Crafters Library blog. They have TONS of awesome projects over there....go check it out.


PS Yes, this WILL be a pattern and Ustream class in either mid to late December or early January.

Feeling awful..

I am not feeling well today. I have caught one of the bugs going around and need to head to bed for a few hours. I run on two speeds.....Mach 10 and..... *splat*!  Unfortunately I will have to cancel the Ustream class for today.  :(

The Caravan pattern is done and should be live on the website soon. I will release the pattern to all kit owners as soon as it goes live. (I will also announce it here) I had added a couple of extra days to the Caravan schedule so we will stay on schedule to complete before Halloween.

Just waiting for one more box of the goodies for the second wave of Caravan kits. They should go out by the end of the week.

Sorry gang!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Just keep swimmin' ......

Dory was my favorite character in the Disney classic, Finding Nemo. Her message to "just keep swimming" is something I live by.

When life gets crazy and overwhelming, I "just keep swimming"! I spent a chunk of the weekend on my new blog, working to get it set up to host the archived Ustream videos and my blog. The learning curve is steep, but I am, swimming.... through it (with the help of a few generous friends). I don't quite know how the computers can talk to each other through a bunch of seemingly random letters, brackets, and's code that's for sure! LOL! ...but then again I don't understand Chinese either!

I spent another chunk of the weekend working on the CHA Caravan pattern....I hope to have it finished and up before the end of the day......that is the plan at this point. I appreciate everyone's patience as my schedule has to be somewhat flexible right now. My son has a series of tests and evaluations over the next several weeks and I may need to rearrange the schedule because of it. Please make sure you watch the Ustream schedule here on the blog. I am keeping it current every day. I am posting this not to apologize but merely to keep everyone up to date. I did have a "make up" day schedule for tomorrow but I am going to have to cancel it because of an appointment that has just been scheduled. The Caravan class will still be completed in time for Halloween.

{ go to .js #featured #slides { background: url(images/ajax-loader.gif) no-repeat center; min-height: 271px; }.js #featured .slide { display: none; }    important! }      I think that is code for "Have a great week!"....then again, I hope I didn't just swear at you! .....LOL! all looks the same to me......


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The new plan (it's a new place) for the archived Ustream videos is going to work. I want a few more up and available before I announce how it's all going to work. I think you are all going to love it! Announcement by the end of the week.

Next up, I will have more kits for the Caravan....two new versions...the first will be the Gypsy Alchemist Caravan featuring Olde Curiosity Shop from Graphic 45 and the second will be the Victorian Peddler Caravan featuring a brand new paper from Basic Grey called Lucille. CLICK HERE to see more of this fun, vintage styled collection.

I ordered this paper at sumer CHA. I knew it would be perfect for this project but didn't think it would get here in time but it is shipping TODAY! These kits will go up on my website, www.followthepapertrailwithlaura.comWednesday night ( Oct. 10, 7pm Pacific and Thursday morning (October 11, 10 am Pacific). Based on the last kits, I expect they will go quickly. They should ship out by early/mid next week.

The caravan pattern is on its last stages and I will have it available before the end of the day on Wednesday. (This video stuff has messed up my schedule big time!)

Tomorrow on Ustream, we will continue to work on the Garden Gate two project. I am very excited with how the Traditional Christmas version is coming out. We will finish this project up on Friday and will be starting the Caravan on Saturday.