Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hall Pass Mini Album

My kids go back to school on Tuesday. YEAH!!! Both are starting new schools so we have had orientation sessions this week. Both are getting excited (not more than Mom though...Ha! Ha!) To celebrate back to school, I have a new mini album coming up on Ustream on the 16th and 17th of September.

This Back to School mini fits into....

...a locker! This one is perfect for any age or grade.

I am still finishing up the mini that fits inside and will post some photo's when it is done.

I have two kits available on my website: a primary colored one with the Simple Stores Collection Elementary and a cool collection from Fancy Pants collection called Off to School.

I will be finishing up the pattern over the weekend and it will be sent to all who order the kits. It will be available as a pattern on my website by Monday, Sept. 12.

Tomorrow night we will be finishing up the Trunk Full of Memories project with the file album (7pm Pacific). On Saturday (10 am Pacific) , we will be making a storage box for the files.

See you all then!!



  1. Adorable and so totally creative!!!

  2. Coooool project does it include a kid :) . I have no children. I have scrapped all my childhood photos :(

  3. Dear Laura, I'm Laughing Out Loud! I was watching the second Trunk video and hear all about Trevor's Bottomless Pit! And Sarah's Crash and Burn. She sounds JUST LIKE ME at 12 with TWO brothers with hollow legs! And you were so patient! I just flipped out at my brothers, screaming and yelling. I wasn't creative enough to want to move out or to make my brothers leave home or to make one side of the fridge MINE! My mother would threaten nuclear annihilation if any MEAT got eaten~cans of spinach or spam or bread could be eaten for snacks. Golly!...Loving the trunk! With Love and hopes for world peace, DoriG

  4. this is super cute. I was hoping you'd come up with a school themed mini at some point and this is just adorable.

  5. I love it! Super great project for back to school.