Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick note...

I have had several emails about this so I thought I should make a note of it here. The Hall Pass patterns (AND kits) were delayed when the class was delayed. I had to stop working on the pattern to get the Crayon Box instructions ready. The pattern will be up on the website by Monday at the latest (hopefully before). I announced this on Ustream but should have posted it here as well.



  1. Hi Laura! I just wanted to thank you (again) for being so creative, helpful, and giving. I have been scouring the internet for hours, looking for a storage solution for little 1" x 1.25" inserts of a charmed necklace. After little to no success for inspiration, I figured that you would have thought of something and I found it in a 12 Days of Christmas project from 2009! The gift card wallet is perfect and I wanted to let you know how excited and grateful I am to have access to your ideas and guides years after they were initially posted. (P.S. I was/am Sakurakitten from Ustream)

  2. Can't even imagine the patience it takes to put up with all that goes along with being such a creative person. All the emails/hounding questions would drive me up a wall!!! PEOPLE...give her a break!!!