Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kits Update.

The last of the outstanding kits (except the Vintage Telephones) are packed, labeled, and ready to go to the Post Office in the morning. The Victorian Greenhouse kits went out on Friday and Saturday and the Stack the Deck with Pockets (both the Julianne Vintage and the Elegant Wedding versions) are out of here on Monday morning. Thank you for your patience regarding the Stack the Deck with Pockets kits. So far, they are the only ones that have run late due to my family situation. The Vintage Telephone kits will start shipping by Thursday.
I should have the Victorian Greenhouse pattern up late Monday or early Tuesday. (It will be released to all who ordered a kit as soon as it is on the website). The Vintage Telephone pattern should be available by the end of the week. Whew! I should be all caught up by then!
As many of my long time followers know, I typically time the shipped kits to arrive about the same time the pattern is available. This has been working well for the past two years. Putting these last groups of kits up so far in advance of the the Ustream class was an experiment to be able to meet the demand for those kits. The pattern came out just before the Ustream class as I always do, but many had their kit for quite some time before the pattern was available....causing both confusion and frustration. I don't think I will be putting up kits so far in advance again. If I have to add kits, they will have to be available after the Ustream class.
I will post tomorrow when I am going to be putting the Vintage Telephone Attic Treasures version kits up on the website.
Please note, my website is going to be down for a few hours on Monday morning (my time) to make some tweaks. Don't panic if you can't get will only be down a short time.

I have turned the comments back on. Smack at me if you must, but please be kind to the other posters. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...


  1. I appreciate everything you have done. I'm grateful for the extra kits, your excellent communication especially during these difficult periods, and your outstanding generosity with your time. I’m sorry to read that some folks had a hard time with the flexible schedule, but I for one applaud your efforts to accommodate as many people as you can.

    Thank you!

  2. Laura, thank you so much for all you do. I appreciate your commitment to communication and letting us know where things are at even though you don't have too. Life sometimes happens differently than we expect and sometimes it tries us way too much. We do understand and know how we would react if the situation was reversed. As a mother, I know that my child and my husband comes before anyone, job, hobby, anything. I look up to you for the way you have handled this and I still can't believe you are still do all this extra stuff. . . I wish I could be there helping, but alas, I live in Ohio and well, you know. I look forward to doing the greenhouse, camera and phone with you whenever you get to them and I mean whenever! I also look forward to the many projects that are yet to come. Many, many, many thanks for the time and effort you put into your projects and with us who like the friendship you show us on our computer screens week after week.

  3. I would never smack at ya....I'd worry about damaging something critical and those creative juices would stop flowing!
    Thanks for all you do! I haven't ordered kits this time around but have really enjoyed watching the process on ustream!

  4. Laura,
    I really appreciate the extra kits you were able to put up for sale as I was able to benefit. The fact that the pattern wasn't available when the kits were received didn't bother me at all. I find that the patterns are a nice reference but I watch the usteam shows to create the project. I guess this means that I'm a visual learner. I also like the way that you have been providing different times to buy the kits. Its actions like these that show people what a caring and thoughtful business you are running. I only discovered you last November and you have taken my skills as a papercrafter to a new level that I never thought possible. I grew up "art disabled" and its people like you in the industry that have helped bring out the crafter in me. For that I an enormously grateful.

  5. You are just a sweetheart Laura and we do appreciate all that you do. Hope Saturday class was fun. Great way to get away for a little while and de-stress (new word, I just made it up.

  6. Laura, You spark MY creativity. It makes me smile inside when my crafting comes out the way I envision it due to your GREAT teaching. Thank you. I'm a LOYAL viewer who has withdrawal if I miss your show~Thank God for recordings! So, in the spirit of enlightened self-interest! I'm sending masses of Positive Thoughts, Healing Energies & Prayers for good resolutions for everyone and everything. And I'm thrilled to see that you're making one more telephone version available! I missed getting a kit for any of the earlier versions. (It was my fault!) With love, DoriG

  7. sure didn't bother me that the kit wasn't up when i received my Greenhouse....i wasn't gonna start without you!!!!!

  8. Laura, I wanted to let you know the incredible joy I've been having making the curio cabinet! Although it's my first time making one of your projects, your directions and great Ustreams have allowed me to create a beautiful cabinet. My husband commented on the fun I'mhaving - we'll see what he thinks when I get to the bellows. Lol.
    There should be no smacking of anyone. Any issues folks might have can easily be dealt with in a polite and classy manner. What I like so much about the crafting community is it's kindness and caring.You've been doing a great job keeping us all up to date and it's all been very clear. Myself, I'm thrilled when I look at my boxes with projects awaiting.
    I sincerely hope this week is a bit calmer for you. Remember that kids are tough and just need the love and support you're providing so well.

  9. I cannot believe how I have grown as a papercrafter after watching your classes for the last two years! I made the tags for the swap and fell in love with making them. In fact, I am making tags for my daughter's wedding invitations! They are turning out fabulous, were less expensive to make and fit nicely in a business size envelope! I think that most of the tag invitations are going to be kept and not tossed in the garbage after the wedding. I'll post a picture of it on the Ning site when I get one done!

  10. Thank You!!!

  11. Laura, thank you!
    As someone else wrote, I too have grown as a scrapper since I started watching your Ustream classes. Once again, thank your for all your great work and to share it with us.

  12. I agree - since learning about your video's/patterns (huge thanks to Candy for letting me know), I have really been able to make some wonderful gifts for friends - beyond the standard album. Thanks so much!