Monday, November 14, 2011

PJ Party tonight!

Tonight? What?

Yep! Kathryn from the {Scrap}Beach is in the process of moving so I volunteered to host her show for her for tonight, Thursday afternoon and next Monday night. The shows will be on MY Ustream Channel but with HER time schedule:

Monday, Nov 14, 5:30 pm Pacific
Thursday, Nov 17, 11 am Pacific
Monday, Nov 21, 5:30 pm Pacific

These shows are in ADDITION to my regularly scheduled Wednesday and Friday/Saturday classes. You will be sick of me by Nov 28th when Kathryn returns to her regular schedule!

Tonight we will finish up the Poinsettia Album. On my regular Wednesday show, we will be making an Advent Wreath using all of the little Ideology Configuration boxes left over from the CHA Clock and CA sewing box projects. We will finish up the Advent Wreath on the Thursday show. (I will post a supply list by tomorrow). On Monday and Wednesday of next week I will demo the Little Baby Album for the top compartment of the Baby version of the Trunk Full of Memories (Kits/supplimentl pattern will be available mid-week this week)

So, for tonight, let's get all comfy and wear our pajama's. We will even be giving away some of Kathryn's favorite things!
Shhhh! Don't tell her!


  1. Sounds like fun! Hoping to be there. Will just have to DVR Dancing With The Stars! See how much more important you are?!

    Vickie Lee (joy2scrap)

  2. Hi Laura,
    Sorry it was too late for me but I just thought I'd tell you I got to your page today from Tim Holtz's page, he mentioned your configuration box creations again! He's also got a link to the robot mentioned on your show on Saturday!! Hope you enjoyed the Monday slot. I watched some of the recording and the snow globe is lovely, you are so creative! Best wishes.

  3. Love your new Christmas borders!


  4. I found you on Tim Holtz blog. Your blog is beautiful not to mention your talent! Wish I lived in your area.....but I am in VA Beach, VA. Smiles, Debra