Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a crazy week...

It has been a crazy week so far, and it's barely half over!

All of the Suitcase kits (the first batch) are out, with the exception of the ones going to Canada. As soon as I get the word from my Post Office that they can accept Canadian mail again, I will get them off to you as soon as I can. What a pain it must be for all of our Canadian friends to have your mail service on strike!!

I am working on the Zoo and Garden Fairy albums that we will do the weekend after I return from vacation. The kits are up on the website and the patterns will be up by tomorrow morning. I will post photo's here on the blog later today. The kits will be shipped BEFORE I leave for Florida.

Next up....Ustream. Currently not one of my favorite topics. First, let me say that Ustream, Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer are all aware of the problem and are working to correct it....please take a breathe and be patient. Last weeks video seems to be the one that is hanging up for the most people. It has turned into a nightmare for me, so I have taken it down. Trust me, no one is more frustrated by all of this than I am. I will do a quick Youtube video of the mini I did in class so that you don't feel the I "just left you hanging" as I was accused of doing. Over on my NIng site there is a loooong discussion forum on solutions and fixes, so I won't go into it here. I have not personally had these issues (my Mac has worked fine all along) but I know it has been a long, frustrating issue for many of you. Let's cross out fingers that Ustream is more cooperative this week. I have spent significant time looking into solutions and alternates this week (time that I didn't really have). Please be patient!

If you haven't been yet, I have another project up over on the Graphic 45 Blog. I will have one of my favorite projects for them up next Wednesday, so keep an eye out.

Remember, a few sneek peeks will be up later today......



  1. Loved your backgammon suitcase! So, clever. Hope you get to relax a little and enjoy your vacation!
    Hugz, Z

  2. Can't believe Canadian mail is still on strike! Thought that sort of thing only happened here in Africa! I am also having a crazy week, so can relate to this post on many a level. Hope you get it all done and dusted so you can really relax and enjoy your holiday!

  3. Thanks Laura!!! I for one, am looking forward to your sneak peaks and quick YouTube video. Appreciate your efforts!! Pretty soon you will be able to get some well earned R&R in Florida!

  4. Thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to look into things. Love the backgammon suitcase another bril project.

  5. Thanks Laura for all your work on projects. I enjoy seeing them. Was having trouble w/ Ustream recorded videos and tho't it was my 'ptr. Since I don't always get to see you "live" the recorded ones are very handy. But was not able to watch and it froze my 'ptr. So may be U's prob. So will just wait to see what happens.
    Thanks again for your efforts.

  6. Margaret Ann Catena said

    Thank you Laura for thinking of us, not being able to watch your streams. The problem is out of your control Hope U Steam finds the problem.

    Love your Graphic 45 Backgammon suitcase. You are bring back family game night.

    Have a great mouse vacation. Enjoy. I know you will look at something on your vacation and see a mini in the works. Take your mini mash book with you.

    Thank you for all your time and sharing your beatiful talent.

    Margaret Ann

  7. Hi Laura,
    I just loved your backgammon suitcase but I love all the things that you do . Don’t worry about ustream I’m sure they will find an answer to the problem. I personally tried all the suggestions and nothing worked . I’ll just wait until all this is working again.. Looking forward to your show on Friday and Saturday. Have a wonderful vacation with your family. Thank-you once again for sharing all your Ideas with us.

  8. I loved the backgammon suitcase, just another great project from a very talent and giving lady. Thanks for all you share with us.

  9. You are so good Laura, I wish ustream worked all the time but we all know its out of your control. Don't listen to the moaners out there, you're doing a great job and we love it. I loved your backgammon board, we have a beautiful wooden one at home. You are very talented and you must stop trying to please us all - just do what you can with the stuff you can control (not Ustream!!) Slow down or you'll be too tired to get exhausted at Disney - in my experience you'll need a holiday to recover from Disney - great fun but very tiring!

  10. Hark what do I hear! It's the postman delivering my Suitcase Kit !!!!! :) Sorry Canada didn't mean to rub it in. Loved your backgammon suitcase. Where do you get such awesome idea?! I missed your friday ustream (I work nights). I guess I didn't miss much. I will have to look for your class on utube. Unfortunately technology is not where we want it to be. Hang in there Laura. You provide a great product and there will be a demand for it. Such talent...... are you feeling better? It's ok for Haters to leave. People that love and admire will stay. I'm off on Friday so I will be able to see you on Ustream... maybe. If it doesn't work, I'm sure you will make it right. Your vacation will be soon. You and your family will get much needed rest. Much love and good vibes to you.

  11. Laura, Your work is amazing and I appreciate all of the time you spend making these videos, FREE OF CHARGE! I love the way you "chat" at the beginning, and then really go through the step by step process, so we can attempt to create what you do. That backgammon suitcase .... wow!
    A simple but heart-felt thanks to you.
    ( I have a MAC as well, and have never had a problem, but if I did, I sure as heck would not blame you!) people.....people.....

  12. Thank you Laura for always thinking of us.
    I am so blessed to be able to see your shows and learn from you.


  13. When I have time to watch I love to watch. There are glitches but not of your making. Thanks for trying to make it right. Love the you-tube videos too.. where I took my first steps into mini's a few months ago

  14. I had to use Internet Explorer (which I don't like to use) rather than Mozilla Firefox. When I did that, it asked if I wanted to disable some of my spyware, malware, etc., programs, which I did and lo and behold I could watch. I even downloaded one of your videos via Firefox and it still froze up at minute 35 when I tried to play it on RealPlayer.

    I love watching your videos and appreciate all the work...enjoy your "mouse" vacation~!

  15. Most of the time i watch your Ustream classes on video so i missed a couple of classes. I've tried the Mozilla

    Thank you for creating wonderful projects and option to watch but it didn't work for me.
    I know the Ustreamproblems are not your fault! I just have to wait for everything to work again and then i can have a Papertrail-athon!great classes!

  16. something went wrong with my comment.

    Most of the time i watch your Ustream classes on video so i missed a couple of classes. I've tried the Mozilla but it didn't work for me.
    I know the Ustreamproblems are not your fault! I just have to wait for everything to work again and then i can have a Papertrail-athon!

    Thank you for creating wonderful projects and option to watch great classes!

  17. I got UStream videos to work. I had been trying all week to watch the Vintage Suitcase videos and couldn't get them to play no matter where I was or what device I was using, but last night I tried again and was able to watch them with no problems.The didn't hang up once. Now I won't have any problems when I get my kit. Can't hardly wait.

    Laura, I love your teaching style. It makes me feel like I'm in the room with an old friend. Thank you for all you do!!! I haven't found anyone else in this industry like you. I'm a FAITHFUL follower.