Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to Work!!

Okay gang! I'm kicking back into gear...enough of this being sick stuff!

I am starting to plan my schedule for summer and I would love some feedback.
What kind of projects are you interested in?

Mini books?...what themes, if any?
Home Decor items?...what kind?
Techniques and product usage?... what products or materials?

I have lots of ideas, but would love to hear what you might be interested in!



  1. Hey Laura! SO glad you're feeling better! I'd LOVE to see more mini's. A dog one especially! Home decor would be wonderful! Maybe something to hang on the wall with a saying and pictures? I love to watch the way you come up with how you embellish things - your process. Thank you for asking our opinion! :)

  2. Soooo happy your feeling better! So I don't know if your planning on doing the 'Suitcase' But that would be awesome! But, also, Anything works for me!! HaHa Hurry, I am going through withdrawals!!

  3. I'm very happy to see you are better!

    I'd love to see more masculin minis. It's so dificult to coordenate masculin things.
    To say the truth, I love EVERYTHING you do!

    Tks for asking us

    Hugs from Brasil

  4. So glad that you are feeling better! Don't overdo, you don't want to relapse. I'm new at papercrafting, just made my first complete mini with your One Flip, Two Flip mini pattern.
    So much fun! I learn so much from all you do, I would love to just see a little of everything you mentioned.

  5. Sooo great to hear, that you´re feeling bettr hun, and thanks for asking, what we would like to see. For me anything is great, but I really loves your minialbums sooo much, and I too would like the suitcase, that´s for sure, but I´m onto anything, so just fire away hun, I´ll be watching.
    Have a wonderful week and take care okay+

  6. I don't care what you do, I learn something everytime. Just so glad you are feeling better. Have a great day..

  7. Glad you are feeling better. Have enjoyed your videos. Since I like doing cards, that would be a vote for more cards, but do enjoy seeing the other projects-mostly paper crafts.
    Thanks for asking and hope you have a great summer.

  8. Hi Laura,
    Glad to read your feeling better too! I would love to see another project with envelops like you did with the day and night version of the houses on the hill. I made the night version and loved it!

  9. Hi Laura so glad you are feeling better, you're sounding like yourself again! I love just about everything you do but I have a passion for mini albums and love the one you did at Christmas "tiny mini" I've made a number of those. Also would luv to see some of the Ranger Distress Ink techniques and Perfect Pearls. Have a great day. Bonnie

  10. Hi Laura!

    I'm so happy that you're feeling better. You had quite a sinus infection! That's nasty stuff...

    I want to learn so much stuff from you. I don't know where to begin... I'll try...

    My suggestions are:
    More Ranger techniques - maybe on smaller projects, like cards?
    I'd also want some more altering stuff and ideas about what to alter and how.
    I absoloutely loved your wine gift boxes for christmas, for example.

    I'm sure you have tons of ideas for us and probably have thought of what I suggested already. :)
    I'm in for the suitcase and the clock! (I just wanted you to know that you already has talked about doing something about those wishes of mine!)

    So glad to have you back! :)

  11. Hi, Laura...welcome back!

    I would love to see more box-type things like the fairy house or the album in a box (loved that one!).

    Also would love wall-type things for the house, not necessarily albums or photo-type things but decorative things. Also love altering things so if you have any items around the house you'd like to alter, think it would be fun to see what you can do with them. (I'm altering a little wooden piano at the moment. If you like, I could send you one!)

  12. laura,

    I would love to see more techniques. I would also like to see your creative process...how does your mind work?

  13. How about something with a kitty theme? Or how you did the mini album for your kittens' foster mom.

    So glad you've recovered! Just don't go overboard, that infection probably took a toll on your immune system too.

  14. Hi Laura,

    I would love to see a dance themed mini album (ballet, tap etc.)

    Glad you are feeling better.

  15. I love your mini albums maybe a beach theme, anything with ideaology product line, and also home decor ideas. Thanks for asking. :)

  16. Glad that you are feeling better. I have been in your shoes, No Fun. I have 4 boys and maybe a girl coming up. Would love to have some Ideas on baby books. But any thing will go for me. I am there ever friday and Saturday.

  17. So glad you are getting back on your feet ... I know how tiresome it is to be ill ... Personally I love everything you do, but I would love to see more on how to embellish once the base mini is made. That's why I have loved the 6 month class. My other wish is some masculine ideas. Paper tends to be feminine and my hubby is not someone you can embellish with flowers.

  18. Hi Laura
    if i could follow one of your classes,
    i'd like to do a mini whit black and white old family photo .
    i lost my grandma on easter holiday and in memory of her wonderful life i decided to create a mini, but i havent' no ideas to use these ancient photos of my grandma and her parents in the best way.
    So here's my idea i hope it will be useful.
    kind regards

  19. Hi Laura glad you're feeling better and what a wonderful furry baby's you have!
    i am addicted to mini's, mini's and oh yeah mini's
    maybe a travel mini of some kind
    hugs Ada

  20. ACRYLIC ALBUM!!!!!!!
    i have been saving acrylic from my recycling and i really would love for you to do a recycle mini using all eco friendly products like egg cartons and acetate from our packaging..
    thanks so much

  21. Oh Laura-so glad you're feeling better. You post even "sounds" better. I love the extended projects where we complete the pages-that is my biggest challenge and loved that about the Heritage album. Would love an Island (Caribbean) Honeymoon or Anniversary album - a large mini or small album! Thanks!

  22. Glad you're back with us Laura. My vote would be anything mini! Love them. How about a sports themed, or something shabby chic-vintage,using crackle? Love incorporating sepia toned pics in my layouts. Whatever you come with will be awesome. Thanks for asking our input. Looking forward to Fri nite.

  23. OH! another request!!!
    i dont know about anyone else? but i would love a studio tour! i did see your studio tour on youtube but just by seeing you on ustream i can tell its changed!
    thanks so much and im glad your feeling better!

  24. i recently joined a mini album swap and the lady asked me for a shabby chic mini i had not done one of these before and had to do some investigating to see what shabby chic was i am on my way now as it got to be posted by the end of the month but would love to see what you would come up with hugs jayne xxx

  25. i would like to make exploding birthday card for friend who is turning 50. it is for a man and i'm not sure how to put it all together would like to maybe have some kind of pop up pocket for a gift card. so glad you are feeling better

  26. So glad to hear you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than a sinus infection. I love mini albums, especially those made with envelopes as I have so many around the house, but any mini you came up with would be fun to do. My particular favorite is anything Halloween or spooky and you have been spot on with those in the past. Would also like to see some Youtube videos on past projects that you have completed to get some ideas on embellishing. You wouldn't have to teach, just show the completely finished project.

  27. Hi Laura, I am so happy that you are feeling so much better!!! I love home decor and have a wall that I am completely stumped what do to with. Maybe a canvas wall decor with family pictures and your beautiful creations decorating it. I have a Granddaughter and would like help with doing a shadow box to hang on the wall....but really, anything you do or make is truly awesome!!! I so look forward to all your new projects.

  28. I would love to see some mre minis and some of the altered boxes, etc w/ minis inside. Especially ideas for the holidays. I love Xmas in july! Glad your back at it and feeling better. I love your work and am hoping to be able to take a class or 2 this summer at Scrapbook Nook from you.

  29. Glad you are feeling better!! I would love to see the suitcase and or the clock!!

  30. So glad you are feeling better. I like mini books, any theme.

  31. So glad to hear you're doing better! Having a sinus infection is no fun. We really missed you, but you need to still take it easy.

    I would love to see an acrylic album. They are soooo fun! And I would love to see an album, shabby chic would be good, that has a ton of tags and the tags used different Ranger/Timmie products and the things you learned at Ranger U. That would be awesome.

    Heather aka momofcody

  32. I am so, so glad you are feeling better! Being sick, sucks. I also would like to see you use some of what you learned at Ranger U, and a suitcase type of mini would be terrific as well. Whatever you do will be amazing! I love your design ideas. Looking forward to the next class!
    ~ Di

  33. I,too, am glad you're feeling better. I truly love books...minis and handmade books. I'm passionate about vintage things -old sheet music, photos, books, vintage buttons and sewing notions, lace and those sorts of things for use in projects.Incorporating new wonderful techniques and demonstrating the Ranger products would be totally awesome. Be blessed!

  34. I would love to see home decor or altered items (loved the gum package alteration)! Thanks for asking!
    Jan B.

  35. I am glad you're feeling better! I would love more the minis-albums, babys, new house, travel and the beach. Thank you!

  36. Laura so glad to hear you are feeling better. Been praying for you and your family. I would love to do something similar to what you did at ranger school; learn how to use the new products, and how to do really cool tags. I would also love to do something with unusual products around the house. Like cardboard.

  37. Happy your back to good health.
    What i would love to see is how to use product and Techniques how to use some of the many different product out on the market something like what you did at ranger. if it is only an hour a week or once a month.

  38. Hi Laura! I love your minis,it's always something different and fun! I'd love something beach themed maybe with that new fancy pants beach babe line. Anyone could use that with summer on it's way...finally!!

  39. Soooo glad you're feeling better! I would like to see you use the cricut on some projects.

  40. Welcome back, so glad you are feeling better!
    Acrylic album with recycled products.
    Ranger Technique album.
    Would love to see you try a hatbox with beautiful mini inside,maybe with some awesome stick pins and fabric flowers and ... lots of Laura Denison beautiful ideas.

  41. More fully embellished albums and albums that can hold full size (4x6) photos. The clock and travel mini would be great projects too.

  42. hi laura! i am glad that you are feeling better! i would love a masculine/ boys album. a sport themed would be great!


  43. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better.

    I am going to have repeat a couple of ideas that have already been said. First and formost I am looking forward to an acrylic album. But, I love the idea of a hat box with mini and also more albums that we all work on together over a time period. It has been so much fun doing something that we are all working on together.

    Ultimately, whatever you come up with will be great, I am sure.

    Love the technique classes and would love for some of them to be thrown in now and again.

    Keep up the healing,

    Pam Davis

  44. The Heritage Album has been such a great thing for me as I need help in decorating the pages and having each page different has been SO MUCH FUN. I have learned a lot but would love to do more mini's like this one. With it being over time, it allows me to get the "stuff" I need to make the embellishments. Even if it costs more, it would be nice to have used all this stuff I have bought over time but just never got around to doing it. If I could have my wish, I would love a racing theme as both my grandsons race bandolero cars and my son works for Hendricks Motorsports! Mary Werner

  45. Hi Laura

    So glad you are feeling better. I love, love minis. I would love for you to do more of how you embellish the pages once they are covered.
    Your kitties are just too precious. I know they have found a wonderful home. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Marie

  46. I'm so glad you are feeling better Laura. I love everything you do, but how about a Graduation mini, my daughter graduates in a couple of weeks and I'd love to do a book with the pictures. Shari (cricutrookie)

  47. Hey Laura glad your better! I really miss the old days (lol) and what's up Wednesday it was the highlight of the middle of my week! watching you turn a paper bag or envelope in to something awesome was just that awesome! I also love all holiday themed mini's. Do what makes you smile and we will love it!

  48. Hi Laura,
    It is really great news to hear that you are doing much better. Your new furbabies are so cute. We used to have a Patches. She was the same colors as your little one.
    I enjoy everything you create. I am looking forward to the peek a boo fairies mini.
    Also like to learn about new products and how to use them.
    Can't wait for class on Friday.
    Take care, God bless,

  49. I love the mini's. I prefer ones that are not in a box (fairy, birdhouse, clock) I hope to pass these on to my children and feel that storage of these won't hold up over time. I do LOVE the minis inside these boxes and hope to buy the kit for the clock and sewing mini's if you are still planning on making up kits. I have enjoyed the heritage mini as others have mentioned. It is fun working together and also I feel I will actually complete one. ha I still have some kits purchased from you that the completed minis were never shown. The beach glass one, a
    Christmas canvas one and a winter acrylic album one that you were going to make of your son snowboarding. I 'd like to see these completed for mine are still in the bag :( I love the envelope mini's too (actually I'm a fan of whatever you do! Glad you're feeling better.

  50. How to use the crackle distress by Tim Holtz! Also ways and techniques on how to use crackle accents and glossy accents. I just can't seem to pick that up.
    I'd love more mini's as your mini's are always awesome and so outside of the box. And i'd love lots of home decor items too. I am having a fling with decorating my home with things made from your patterns!
    I am yet to buy a ranger ink, i am too scared to use them to be quite honest and i'm not sure of all their uses. I'd love some instructional tutes on how to use different products and the different things you could do with them.

  51. Hi Laura, glad to see that you are recovering, must have been a soft spot to get more animals for the menagerie lol. Would love to see more 3d items, altered boxes, and of course how to use Rangers stuff as I adore it. Margaret Ann xx

  52. Hi Laura,
    Im so glad your feeling better and you were in my prayers. I would like to see a mini using all the Tim Holtz techniques you recently learned. I would by a kit and I know a few other women that would too. Home decor would be nice to maybe more boxes and hangings to put on the wall.

  53. Hi Laura,

    I'm so glad you're back, really missed you! I'm living in a men's world, husband , two sons, four gran'sons, so I would be happy with more mini's for men!!!!!!!!! More details about how to embellishment the mini's would also be great,
    greetings from Belgium,


  54. Laura, I'm so glad you're feeling better! I would love to see a mini with the newly announced G45 Wizard of Oz collection. Honestly, I would love to see anything you make. Everything you do is just so great!

  55. Hi, love to hear you are better! I have been sick too, a nasty cooled!!

    LOVE to see your sutecase! But I love also to have it for somthing else than storing a mini in... perhaps crafting stuff... (love storage that looks like something else)

    I also love those large letters you can dekorate for the home... but they always look so boring.. hmmm.... i don´t know.

    Everything you do look stunning!


  56. Hi Laura,

    Would love more home decor. I'm moving into a beautiful little cottage next year and am planning on having Laura projects in every room, the steampunk clock will go into the lounge, the sewing box into my craft room, the birdhouse into my kitchen, the romantique box in the bedroom.
    Would love something for the bathroom, something for the dining room and something that could go outside.
    I'm sure whatever you do it will be amazing and I can't wait to see the new projects.

  57. Hi Laura, I'm glad to see that you feel better! I love your mini's, I would be happy for more masculine and children (boys) mini's. I also would be happy for all kind of techniques and for wall decoration.
    Thanks a lot and greetings from Antwerp (Belgium), Hava

  58. hi laura,

    nice that you feel better.
    i like your mini´s. i would like to see more of it. decoration for the home would also be great.
    a new clock for such... or something to hang to the window... or a picture frame... or or or...
    I'm sure you'll conjure up again a lot of nice things.
    following the paper trail... :-)


  59. Hi Laura, I'm so glad you're feeling better and ready for more projects!! I love your mini's and have made a few with you. I would like some general layout pages like the ones for 12x12 pages only for the smaller pads 8x8. The 2 pages facing each other, how would you layer the contrasting papers, where to put the embellishments, and the photo mats. Thanks for all you do

  60. Hello
    it is great that you feeling better and are tired of being sick. Just remember to take care. The body is wise, sometimes when we wont take the signs we become sick so that we have to take a time out. :-)
    I am a cardmaker, I have to admitt and would love to see some cards and if they are masculine that would be a great bonus. But I really do love everything you do, just watching your videos is a great inspiration and I learn a lot. So I am happy with whatever you deceide to do.
    Gunn from Norway :-)

  61. Hi Laura, glad you feel alot better. I love all your own ideas, I wish I could come up with some innovative ones myself:( I'd like to see some techniques with all the inks/paints in among all your fantastic mini's. I know Tim has technique shows, but yours are more interesting to watch, and I think because you are relatively new to papercrafting too, we feel less inTIMidated by you!lol Love your little kitty's too, what lovely photos. Can we get to see the new mice too??

  62. Laura...I'd like to see the Once upon a springtime mini. Also more of the ranger techniques. I love when you teach....although I do learn from every class :) Thanks.

  63. I am so glad you are better and hopefully up to your old self. I would love to do any projects using the techniques you learned at ranger. I would love to do some altered items.Mabybe a journal.or cookbook really aNYTHING.

  64. More minis any theme, an acrylic page mini. Jewelry making the basics please. More projects using the stuff you learned at Ranger U. Anything you do is always so pleasing. I'm so glad that you are feeling better. God does answer prayers. TFS!!! :-D

  65. I'm so glad that you are feeling much better now. I love your minis!!!!! I would love to see you demonstrate the techniques you've learned from Rangers with the minis!!!!

  66. Hi, Laura!! Glad that you are feeling better!! I LOVE everything you do! (esp. the minis)
    Take care,
    North Carolina

  67. thank GOD YOU ARE BACK!:)

    May 18, 2011 8:51 AM

  68. Dear Laura-so glad you are feeling better. When you have 100 things on your plate, this is what happens.

    I would love to see an album where every page introduces a product or technique from Tim Holtz, Graphic45,etc.. -How to use distress inks, a certain tool-all that kind of stuff. I am new to these products and have no idea how to begin to use any of them.
    I do love your work! I always look forward to seeing and experiencing your next project. Take care-Blessings

  69. Kim Hoff...EXCITED!!!!!got my package from LaUR today. I am hoping I get to watch Friday. I had surgery on the 5th 3 level fusion on the neck. The surgery went well, however they go from the front of the neck and I am highly allergic to adhesives in any form except paper tape. Sooo guess what they used on the neck all adhesives except paper tape. I have 3 hopes in the neck. I go this afternoon to see if I have a staff infection. My life has been put on hold. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am really not a bvery good patient in the hospital-liked to be left alone....:)

  70. Kim Hoff...sorry my spelling is not great in the last note should of checked.

  71. Hi Laura, so glad you're feeling better. I would love to see mini's created from product packaging, file folders (I think you did that already though), and sharing all the techniques you recently learned from TH. Anything you make will be wonderful!

  72. Laura, glad your up and running again. Would love to learn the techniques you learnt at Ranger U. I have most of the products but I know I am not using them to their fullest usage :0{.

  73. I just saw the new Oz papers from Graphic 45 and can't wait to see what you do with those! Several somethings please...

  74. Hi Laura,

    Glad you are feeling better. I am brand new to crafting so would love to see glass item (plates,etc) decorating, cards, stamping--just about anything as I am so new. Thanks!

  75. The projects you completed for Tim Holtz were nice. It would be nice to see you keep a load that you can manage though so you can stick to a schedule. It's not worth being overwhelmed.

  76. Hi, Laura. I'm so glad you're feeling better and getting back to your old self. I love to see everything you do and I learn something with every show, but mini albums and home deco would be good also. Can't wait for your next class! Have a good week.

  77. Yippee Skippee!! So glad you are feeling better!!! You know, honestly I love all of your projects and I'll be happy whatever you want to teach us. I do like the idea of the acrylic mini, but other than that, it's up to you!!
    Blessings and hugs!

  78. How about a Christmas Village, all sizes, Christmas Decorations, any new album ideas, love your ideas!

  79. Hi Laura
    So glad to hear that your feeling better!
    I have a suggestion:
    a HAT
    Something that opens and the mini is on
    the inside. Like your Creepy Coffin,
    or Special Delivery minis.Could also be
    used as Home Decor.
    But anything you come up with is AWESOME!!!
    Greetings from Germany.

  80. I would love to see how you made your juice bag wallet!

  81. Hi Laura - so glad you are on the mend :D We girlies don't have the time to be ill do we? and when we are there's always a mountain of work to catch up on - somehow it's never in proportion though!! must be something to do with the snowball effect LOL

    I would love to see some of the techniques you learned at Ranger U as I love everything you do with their products xx

    Keep well - see you on Fri on Ustream :)

  82. Hi Laura--Would love to get back to Heritage Mini and get that completed with possibly some new Ranger U techniques used. I would love you to share anything you learned at Ranger with us and make a mini with them. Thanks for asking and glad you are back to normal.
    Missed your classes. Most Sincerely, Lillybug27

  83. Welcome back :) Glad you are getting better, I also like the mini's but with everyone asking for specific themes you would be busy all yr lol ,myself I love anything heritage and family oriented, and also I like the extra help on decorating the pages once the book is done [like the heritage one] anything is fine with me though lol.

  84. Lillybug27 - We never got "away" from the Heritage album! Other than a weeks delay because I was sick, the Heritage is on schedule with the monthly class as was intended from the beginning.


  85. Doris Davis-BegleyMay 19, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    Hi Laura, Glad you are feeling better, but take it easy. I would love to see the suitcase the theme you used made me want to make it, my neice is a sophmore in High school and was selected to go to Africia for two weeks an going to 2 diffeent cities and I would love to make it like yours for her. I also like anything that you do I try not to miss Friday and Saturday and watch the video's when I do. I don't say much but I'm always there when I can. (DJ)

  86. Welcome back! :). I love your mini's so I would love to see more of those! Maybe a beach themed one? Or something like sailing? Or a nice birthday/party one? Or maybe a animal/pet one...but looking forward to everything you make!

  87. Hi Laura. I got my kit for the sewing box today!! So excite. I would love to see more home decore projects. I think minis are wonderfull but I would like to see other things crafty outside of minis. Thanks for sharing your creativity with the rest of us. Take Care, Yer Vang

  88. I would like to see a larger photo album maybe 5x7 with space for 4x6 pictures, could be beach or vacation theme. Thank you for all the time you put creating new things.

  89. I love your mini albums so I was really excited about seeing more. I REALLY, REALLY wish you would do a few minis using the Ornamental Iron cartridge from Cricut. I know you had said you were going to use it in March but you got busy working on projects for Tim and then there was Ranger U and of course you have been very sick, so I have been patiently waiting and hoping and keeping my fingers crossed, which makes crafting really difficult! Please, Please, Please think about doing a mini or two with this cartridge. Do I sound like a whiney teenager? Of course anything you do I think is fab, so I am just happy you are feeling better and ready to get creative.

  90. Hi Laura,
    Great you're feeling better. I would like to see a grungy Tim Holtz like travel journal. To take along on my holiday and holds every ticket, folder and photo. With lots of tabs, flaps, tags etc. Last year i used your faux paper bag album. Something notebook size ?
    Love your work.

    Greetings from Holland

  91. Hi Laura, I am so glad you are feeling better!!

    I love the photos of your two new little kitties, we have a rescue cat and dog, and they are so special, I hate to think where or what would have happened to them if someone had not had a special place in their heart to save them.

    I just love all your classes, some things I would love to learn or do are, a travel mini or journal, I have a few wooden serving trays left from my Tole painting days, would love some ideas on altering with paper or such, ideas on how to use distress stains, I have a couple, but besides staining seam binding, I am not really sure what else I can do with these. Thanks so much for all your great inspiration and creativity, you are really so super talented.

  92. I'm having my first great-nephew this Fall so more baby mini's would be cool. Also more in depth classes on using the Ranger products.

    Yeaaaa for antibiotics!!!!

  93. Laura, so glad that you are feeling better. Like everyone else, I love everything that you do but in particular, I would love to see an altered lamp for my desk. Not sure whether I mean the lamp or the shade?!!
    I am just looking for something really unique and if the base or shade incorporated photos that would be great.

  94. Glad to hear your feeling better. Sorry if this has been mention before but I love to see a mini album with a teenager in mind.

  95. Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

    For me, I would like to see more mini book... of course...! I'm in love with your mini-album of all kind!

    Nadine ( sorry for my english... I usually spoke french.. I came from Québec, canada)

  96. I love your mini-books/albums! I love flaps unfolding and pockets, pockets, pockets! Any theme is wonderful! I'll be back to visit often to see what you create!

  97. I have gone forever with school, work, church, etc. Just checkin and glad to see u are still cranking them out. Due the business of the summer and (every other season), I would like to see a series of minis in 1 hour less, like those Rachel ray 30 minute meals. Would love to see the suitcase creation. Did I miss something? Are u no longer doing YouTube videos. I miss those quick creations, but elaborate creations. Many blessings. Glad u feel better. Many blessings to u and yours. tsnell80

  98. How about a FIRE HYDRANT mini, could be used for dogs or the firewoman/man in your life

  99. Laura glad you are doing better. I like to see some techniques, making your own embellishments.

  100. I loved the album you did using the tape measure as the binding mechanism, "watch me grow" or something like that? I love the innovative ways you use everyday things! Also altered items, like the tiny mini using a gum pack would be a great summer project! I like altering old books and would love to see your take on a junk binder ala Janet Hopkins.

  101. Hi Laura
    I love all of your albums and have made several of them. Please can we have a school themed album which we could give as end of year gifts to teachers. And what about a little boyish album not as grown up as the my guy one. I'd also love to see a birthdayish mini. Look forward to seeing what you manage to come up with.