Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the 7th Day of Christmas Projects....for real!...

...I made a Christmas card holder!

This was suppose to be tomorrows project, but I moved it today and yesterdays to Monday and Monday's to tomorrow. It sounds complicated, but I know what going on... really...honest!... I do!....
This is a super quick and easy project to hold and display Christmas cards.

Start with (3) 12 x 12 sheets. Score at 4" from the bottom edge and at 1/2" on each side. Clip the 1/2" side tabs at the 4" horizontal score line.

Fold the 4" section up. Attach the 1/2" tabs to create a pocket. Fold the 1/2" tabbs to the back on the larger section and attach to add reinforcement. Add a 1" x 11" strip of chip board to the top edge for reinforcement.

Add eyelets to the pocket edges and the 4 corners. Add an edge punched accent strip to edge of pocket.

Add words of choice on small banner triangles. Use chipboard, stickers or electronically cut letters.

Add ribbon ties between letters and and pocket sides.

Tie pocket sections together at corners.

This can also be made as a message center for non-holiday times!



  1. Cute Laura! And one of the easier project you have designed. I think I can do this one in one sitting!

  2. I've made this out of felt and fabric for years...I think my mom and I even made one when I was a little girl back in the dark ages! Ha! Ha!

  3. Easy, but adorable! Thank you!


  4. laura, this is amazing!! and so easy to do.
    just love to say, i have already done 3 pockets, and has taken no time at all, their all decorated and are looking fabulous!
    i did mine in summer colours, so it's very bright and is hanging on the back of our front door as i type this, it's going to be filled with pictures over this summer (yes, it's summer here in Aus!)

    Thank you for the fabulous idea, i cannot wait for yesterday's project to be put up on monday!
    I absolutely love looking and watching you make mini album's, they're all very inspiring, and can easily be adated to different theme's, which is FANTASTIC!!!
    Best Wishes for your family during the festive season!

  5. Just one question....Do you ever have time to sleep???? LOL!!
    Love your work, and how your ideas just keep flowing. Thanks for sharing
    Tricia Davis
    Canton, OH

  6. Love this Laura! Thanks for sharing and you do a super job with all of your projects!

  7. So beautiful Laura! This also could be made for year round and hung...very nice way to display some favorite cards. Just love this idea:)


  8. Oh, now I would totally like to make this and would use it for sure...thanks for sharing...

  9. Of course I love it .. you designed it (& no envelopes) .. gonna do a generic one for ME. That will free up the top of the little table by the door .. yay.

  10. This would be great out of canvas too...thanks for the great idea Laura....another creative piece♥ Noel