Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gate{faux}ld Paper Bag Mini Album Kits and Patterns...

...are up at my Etsy store (CLICK HERE to go directly to the shop). This will be the class I will be teaching on Ustream on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Check out the Youtube videos for more on the album and the kit.

There isn't going to be a What's Up Wednesday again today...I am just swamped with too much that needs to get done in preparation for the kids starting school next week. Don't get too UPSET! WUW will be returning in about two weeks. I need to get caught up and maybe even a bit ahead! WUW isn't going just needs a break for a week or two.



  1. Cute album! I actually found you last night when I was looking up how to make a paper bag album and I loved your stuff so much I started following you! Just now I noticed you're from Seattle Area WA and I was born and raised in Vancouver WA!! How crazy! Anyway I just want to thank you for sharing all your great ideas!!

  2. don't worry about WUW! We know you'll be back. Enjoy the last moments of summer and the prep for the new school year!