Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the SEVENTH Day of Christmas....

...I made a Gingerbread Train Card Holder!

Add as many cars as you want to hold the Christmas cards you receive or photo's of friends and family. Decorate it as you would a real Gingerbread Train. Choo Choo!!

The engine and Caboose are cut from chip board. The cars use #10 envelopes attached to a 4" x 9 1/2" rectangles of chipboard. Seal envelope and trim off one long edge so that the envelop measures 4".

Cut the engine and caboose chipboard from 6" x 6" squares. Cut the "Moose Gooser" (as we call it in Alaska!) and the smoke stack from the scraps.

Attach the "Moose Gooser" and the smoke stack with thin paper (I use a piece of lunch Bag). It is easier to splice these pieces on than it is to cut in one piece.

Apply paper to the Engine and Caboose chip boards.

The wheels of the train are cut from black core chip board and are applied to each side. Attach to one side so that the bottom of the wheel is 1" below the train. Flip the chip over. Apply foam adhesive dots to the lower wheel and apply the other wheel. Use this technique for all the wheels of the train.

Decorate your train any way you wish. Have fun!!

Make one car or many! This would be great on a mantle or dining table!

Have an awesome week!!



  1. This is so cute laura, we have trains going past our place all the time, and the OLD STEAM ONES stoked by COAL, how cool is that??????? Love this one. Choo Choo!!!!!! 2 U 2, another great project. Thank U 4 sharing XX

  2. Laura,
    Love love the Gingerbread Train Card Holder.
    You have outdone yourself..I loved the Gingerbread House Mini Album. I have made one house for Holiday Recipes. Cann't wait to see what is next.
    Sheryl (

  3. hi laura!
    sooo cute! love it.
    thanks for sharing :)!
    much aloha~!

  4. Oh Laura...this is just TOO CUTE!!! I LOVE trains at Christmas!! This is a must make! I think I always say that! lol Thank you so very much for this one!!...Nancy :o)

  5. Love this idea. This train came out wonderful, can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow.

  6. Love this "choo choo" train! I love all the beautiful creations you are doing for all of us! The tag's are gorgeous and so is the "matchbook" mini! You're fabulous Laura! Warm Hugs, Velma

  7. Laura this is so so darling!! I love the way it looks! I can see this also as a centerpiece on the table. What a way to get over the 6th day hump....with a 7th day choo choo!!

    Thanks Laura!


  8. How nice, you keep out-doing yourself, Laura! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Darling! Your amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  10. oh my isnt that just the most magical and cute card holders very lovely indeed another great project. TFS jan

  11. Woo Woo !! (just couldn't resist) ! The train car holder is too "stinkin" cute !! Talent just oozes out of you! TFS

  12. WOW that is an adorable train and any little kid would LOVE to look at something like that!!

  13. Wow, Laura. I don't know how you come up with these things but they are absolute creative. Love them. TFS !!! Friday

  14. Laura,
    This is cute, cute.
    I love it.

  15. Love this. I thought it would make a great mini for a boy album. I am going to have a boy in january so I think maybe i will make somthing like this for the grandmas. Any way I also wanted to make sure i was in for the drawing on the 18th i am not only a fallower here i also subscribe to you you tube channell. thank you for all the Inspiration.

  16. LOVE IT! This just just outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  17. Hi Laura!
    This is just do dog gone adorable!
    My dad was a conductor for the Southern Pacific Rail line. If he was alive he would have loved this.
    thanks for bringing back memories for me and for sharing this project.

  18. OK, Seriously - you blow my mind! That has to be the cutest christmas train i have ever seen! My nephews would LOVE it! Amazing!

  19. My friend's son loves trains. If I could get pictures from her, I would love to make this as a birthday gift. So cute!!

  20. Oh Gosh Laura! I squeal over anything with gingerbread! I Choo Choo Choo se to make this for sure! But unlike you- it is not my year to crank out the projects like you have!Perhaps next year! Cuz I want make one of these for sure for my Sugarplum kitchen!
    You are so SWEET in more ways than one!