Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thank You Paperclipping

A big Thank You to Noell and Izzy over at Paperclipping.com! I spent a fun morning as a member of a roundtable discussion on using techniques based ideas in paper crafting. It was a fun - even if it was a bit inTIMidating -  group to be a part of: Jennifer Mcquire, Tim Holtz, Noell Hyman and ME! Yikes.

As many of you know, I love to stretch the limits of products and look at them and use them in a different ways. My favorite part is to share those "What if" explorations with all of you. I look forward to continuing to share my explorations as well as encouraging you to try your own "What if I...." explorations!

Check out todays discussion over at www.paperclipping.com



  1. Laura,
    I listened to the podcast this afternoon, and thought you all did an outstanding job. I did not know Noell or Izzy, but of course I am one of your regulars now, and have taken several classes with Jennifer including Tim's chemistry 101 (who isn't familiar with Tim right????). It was really weird to just listen and not see all of you, but it was really well done. Enjoyed it alot. Thanks.

  2. Wonderful discussion today. So much talent and experience in one Roundtable talk! Very inspiring.

    aka Paper Compulsions

  3. Just listened to the show and it was great full of info! It was my first time on roundtable and I am a subscriber now!
    Have a lovely day Laura!

  4. Thanks for the tips on the show! Loved hearing about the new product you're using -- I'll be checking that out for sure. I'm glad you were a part of the roundtable...awesome!

  5. I really enjoyed the round table! A lot of useful information. You did a great job. Thank You.

  6. I loved the round table. You were great Laura, hope they have more of those. A lot of great tips thanks for the info.

  7. Great show!!
    I was listening and working with new techniques for me,it was amazing inspiration!!
    Thank you so much and please let us know when will be the next.
    You made a great job there,even when I coundn't see you,LOL.

  8. What a wonderful episode of PRT! I learned so much and plan to incorporate more techniques into my paper crafting. :)