Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rolling Case....

The On A Roll: A Rolling Suitcase and Mini Album pattern is up on the website.
Note:  The pattern has been released to those who ordered the kits.

Here are photo's of the mini album that goes inside the case as promised. Still needs the embellishments, but you can get an idea of the album. My delayed Bo Bunny order is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and I will have those kits out ASAP. 

I am excited to get started on some new project for late summer and early fall this week. Sneak peeks soon! See you tomorrow for the Rolling Case class on Ustream, 7 pm Pacific.


  1. The imagination you have knows no bounds! Extremely impressive!

  2. So Excited!! I ask Mother Nature to cooperate this evening and no storms, please. Last time, we lost our power in the middle of the live Ustream. Thank goodness Laura tapes these shows or I would never have been able to finish my mirror project!!!


  3. Adorable little roll on! Love the album too. You could make that album work for any theme. See you tonight.

  4. Truly amazing! I don't see how your head hasn't exploded from that creativity crammed inside of it. Love your work.