Friday, August 10, 2012

Ahhhhh.....'s only 70 degrees instead of 90 with 70% humidity!  Ahhhhhh....

We will do a short show tonight and really get rolling on the Be My Guest album during the show tomorrow. I am on East Coast time and running on fumes but miss you all and want to chat a bit.

The Be My Guest pattern is up on my website and I have released the pattern to those who orders kits. I wanted to confirm some dimensions on the sample (which was here at home) before putting it up so it didn't go up till today cuz I didn't get home till today....besides the internet connection at the hotel was dismal and I am not sure I could have gotten such a photo heavy file to go out.

See you all in just a few.....



  1. Thanks for doing the Ustream! Hope you get some rest soon.
    Jani aka paper compulsions
    papercompulsions dot blogspot dot com

  2. C'est superbe, amitiés de France