Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yowzer Wowzer! , I got some stuff to tell you all!!

I have a couple of really cool things coming up over the next few weeks that I want to let you all know about!

First up....

I am so excited that I have been invited to teach for

True Scrap 4, one of the coolest online virtual paper crafting events in the galaxy, is coming in October! The fun and shenanigans have already begun, and you won’t want to miss a thing. That’s why I suggest you get on the Early Bird Notification list.  Click here to view more details and enter your email address. Easy-peasy… AND as soon as you join the list the fun will begin with a special discount just for you! Sign up now so you won’t miss out!


 I am also excited that I was invited to participate  on the
 August 28th 
Paper Clipping Roundtable 
along with Tim Holtz! 

The Roundtable podcasts are similar to a recorded radio show and are free. 
Bee bop over to 
for more info on a FREE subscription and to access the podcast.
 Too cool!

Last, but not least,

the kits for the  
Shabby Pockets

will be available on my website late tomorrow and Friday morning. 
There will be 3 versions:

Shabby Chic with 7 Gypsies Trousseau
Vintage with Echo Park Note to Self
Light and Summery with Simple Stories Summer Fresh

The kits will go up in stages with 1/3 of the kits going up  on: 

Thursday, August 22, at 4pm Pacific
Thursday, August 22, at 7pm
Friday, August 23, at 10 am

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Well, shoot... can't connect to True Scrap 4 from the link...just getting an error message.

  2. I'm all signed up, now just need to figure it out!
    Can't even tell ya how much I love that Shabby Chic album!

  3. Wow, Congrats! I can feel your excitement.

  4. Congrat! Can't wait to join in the fun!

  5. I love Paper Clipping Round Table, going to put that in my diary now!

  6. Thanks and Congrats Laura! I was just recently introduced to your blog (and am sooo happy I was). Now you are expanding my paper crafting even more! So exciting!

  7. Congrats, Laura! Two of my favorite ways to learn are Paperclipping Round Table and True Scrap! So glad they found you! You'll be fantastic!
    Vicki Lee

  8. Awesome, Laura! How exciting. I'll be there.
    I love to see good things happen to good people.
    About the Shabby Pockets - which size of the Trousseau paper are you going to be using?

  9. Oh Laura, I'm thrilled to know that you are going to teach on True Scrap4!! They really listen to their students , bc when they asked to name teachers we would like to see next , I was one of the many who put your name in!! YEEEEY!!! I will be there again : )

  10. Congrats Laura. TrueScrap4 sounds interesting so far. Hope they plan on sharring more info about what will be in the class. I am sure they will send us some info soon. Have never heard of this before. But, since you are going to be part of it, can't miss out. I recognized several of the others as well. So this pod cast that is taking place Tues. It is strickly radio transmitted and no video is that right????? Not familiar with podcasts.
    Love this Shabby Pockets mini Laura and am so glad that we will be making this version in class. Can't wait to see how to make these gorgeous flowers and love the burlap cover. I saw the other burlap(with keys) and was tempted to pick up some but decided to wait as I wanted to make some throw pillows with it and will need more if I plan to also make that version of this mini as well.
    Oh and please stop worrying about U-stream. We all know you do everything possible on your end. I think most of us are not complaining so much on the chat, as we are trying to figure out if we are the only ones experiencing the problems and see if there is something on our part that we can do. Kinda lighten the load for you. But, you have Barrie and Joy working on it and I am sure if anything can be done those two ladies get to the bottom of it. I am no expert, but I have an electronic background so the HD ads conflict made perfect sense to me. I also understand that it sometimes takes alittle time for operating systems to catch up on patches and upgrades to accomodate changes in such things as flash and adobe upgrades. So please stop thinking it is something you are doing. Ustream is also having alot of growning pains and they also have to accomodate the increase in volume on their end as well.

  11. album very nicely. my congratulations,very glad for you!

  12. new to your site but adore your work. How do I buy a kit and see what the other kita look like
    thank you.