Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Enjoy the day to celebrate Scrapbooking!

The Victorian Greenhouse pattern is now available on my website. I am in the process of releasing the kit to all who ordered the kits. I have to go in to each order to release the pattern for the kits, so I will be doing so today and you should receive the link by sometime this afternoon.

We are finishing up the camera on Ustream this morning. See you then! I might even have a few goodies to give away.....



  1. ...and a Happy Nat. Scrapbook Day to you also..You have inspired so many and we are so grateful. Thanks for all you do and we are hoping for the day to come soon where there is no stress in your life.. tc and hugzzz
    ( thanks too for your hint of some goodies.. lol )

  2. Its been great being able to take part with the live chat. Happy National Scrapbook day to all scrappers

  3. Happy NSD to you. Hope all is going well with your mom and kiddo's. Been super busy lately and not been able to watch the Ustreams or even get online to visit with everyone. Have a great weekend.


  4. Happy NSD! Great show today. The camera is so cool-looking. I like the red bellows and canvas.

  5. I spent NSD making an album using one of your patterns. I missed the class because I was at a crop with friends. I'm almost done and it turned out really cute! I'm giving it to a friend as a present. She'll LOVE it!