Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Swap and kits Update

I have product on the way for more of the Victorian Greenhouse kits. They will go up at 3 pm Pacific today. They will ship in time to receive before the class starts on the 25th. I am still finalizing things for more Camera kits and will know more later today. If I can make more, they will go up at 3 pm Pacific tomorrow. Geez, you guys were fast on the keyboards snatching up the kits!!

I am waiting on a few more people to get back to me regarding which catagory of tag they are doing and I will post the list of groups. I do ask that if you are shipping from within the US, please wait at least another week before you ship to me. I don't want to be buried in tags for several weeks before I start sorting them into to their correct groups. Also, to clarify, each group will have 9 people. You will make 9 tags, keep one for yourself and the other eight are sent to me. I distribute them to the eight other people in your group. I do NOT keep any for myself, however each person will receive a tag from me, in addition to the other tags you are receiving.....ONE tag per person from me! Please make sure you are following the size and thickness guidelines!

Hope your day is awesome!!



  1. Here I am in Florida visiting my in laws and I report the following: The only thing I must, must, must do is be home on Monday at 1p.m. They all ask why and I give them details about the purchase of a vintage phone kit. So, on Monday at 1 p.m. we all circled my laptop and I purchased my kit. There was a big round of applause when the transaction was completed! Oh the things we do.....

  2. You're right up there with Tim, Laura. When he puts kits up on Etsy, they're gone in the first 5 minutes. We just lov your stuff. Crossing my fingers for more camera kits.
    Stay dry.

  3. i joined the swap but never got shipping info or anything was it just me or are you waiting to send out info?

    1. Yu were sent a download link with the info. Send me an email with your full name and I will look into it.

  4. Sorry Laura, I sent my tags before I read this information. I like to follow directions, but failed to check before I sent them.