Friday, July 15, 2011

She's baaaaaack....

Hey gang! No, I didn't melt away in Florida! I had to hit the ground running as soon as I got back to finish up a few projects for the G45 CHA booth. Then it was kit assembly... and a few new samples..... and about a million loads of laundry, too.

Any hoo...I am back and we have a Ustream class tonight! I missed you all! We are making the Peekaboo Mini albums tonight and in the morning....

Due to a delay in product arrival, I moved the Tag! You're it! Mini album to a week later. I have a BRAND NEW style of paper bag mini that I will do next week....a Split Bag Mini Album... sneek peek tonight! I designed this one about 6 months ago and have had it on the back burner for just such a situation. I am loving how it is coming out and hope you do, too! I am using the Pink Paislee "Butterfly Garden" paper collection (LOVE it!) I will have kits for it up by tomorrow and the pattern by Monday.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight at 7pm Pacific!



  1. Welcome home! So glad you're back! Hope you had the most fabulous vacation ever! Linn

  2. Im tired just reading your post. Where do you get the energy. Maybe I should start drinking Starbucks coffee. Glad you made it back safe n sound. I'll have to watch the replay (I'm working tonight boo, hiss). Later.

  3. Welcome home!!! So glad to know you all made it home safely. I hope you will share a little about your trip with all of us tonight! I sincerely hope it was an awesome family vacation with lots of fabulous memories!!

  4. Laura it is so good to have you home.
    I hope you will take a few minutes to tell us all about you holiday.
    Good to have you all home safe and sounds

  5. I am so happy you are back! I had a horrible "Laura" withdrawl there. I can't wait 'til class tonight. I'm so excited!

  6. Hi Laura,
    So thrilled that you had a great trip and look forward to listening to you share with us your adventure.
    I too have no idea how you do all the things that you do. It is truely amazing.
    Great to have you back.

  7. Yea!!! You're back! I had the horrible Laura withdrawls too!!!
    aka scrapmaniac

  8. Hi Laura, So glad to hear you and your family are home safe and sound and I hope you all had the best vacation ever!! I definately missed you and am looking forward to tonights class!! I wish I had even a quarter of your energy, I have no idea how you manage to accomplish so much every day, maybe you could share, lol. See you tonight,

  9. WELCOME HOME!!! I was having Laura withdrawel..Hope you and your family had an awesome time with Mickey and the gang..Can't wait to hear all about your trip and see what you're cooking up tonite..
    Darlene aka froggyrules1966

  10. Glad you're back Laura. Tonight I was having a sleepless night so I got up to watch the show 'live' for a while. Maybe I was so excited about the show I couldn't wait till the morning to watch the recording!! It sounds like you have mixed feelings about your Disney trip, its a shame you had to go when it was so hot, we usually go in April or October (school hols here) but I've never been tempted to go June/July/August I'd melt! Anyway, its great to see you back ready to go again. Thanks for sharing with us x

  11. Welcome home Laura and family,
    So so so glad to see you on your video. Loved hearing about your trip and that you had such a good time with your family. Looking forward to seeing you live on Saturday.

  12. I have spent all day today just watching your videos! You do great work, I so love it! I love vintage and anything w/flowers! Your mini's are awesome. Thanks for sharing! Welcome back.