Friday, June 10, 2011

Pick Pocket mini...

Here is the video for the new Pick Pocket mini. I am very pleased with how this one has come is one of my favorites!

The are kits available and the pattern is up and ready to go. We will be making the third, "Elegant" version during class tonight on Ustream. As always, the class will be recorded if you can't join us. Class starts at 7 pm Pacific. Please note that I have switched the second half to Saturday at 1 pm Pacific. (My local class canceled so my day opened up).

See you tonight.



  1. Gorgeous Laura, love the feminine album!

  2. hi laura,

    The album is gorgeous! I have just completed one myself, following one of your designs from a while ago. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Elly P x x

  3. Beautiful projects! I am a new follower and discovered you through Amanda at I will definitely be checking back often to be inspired. =)

  4. Hi
    I love them!
    Wish i had your imagination! Love ALL your stuff!


  5. Wish You could make this Video for You-tube.. having the hardest time seeing it over at UStream.. Seems like forever to load it and then it always has this delay. TFS

  6. Your stuff is just beautiful!! Love the pick pocket mini.

  7. I absolutely HATE Ustream! I never get to see tutorials of your fabulous designs. Please, please switch to Youtube!

  8. I have tried U Stream many many times and it always stalls and freezes and then crashes. After five tries in a row yesterday, I gave up in disgust. Never have any trouble with Youtube.