Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Basket Kits

The Easter Basket Kits are up on the website. I will post a video of the finished mini with the seed packet pockets later in the week.

The Pastel Version uses the SEI Couture Collection

I will be putting up the Duet Album and pattern as well as the Sewing Box Kit Pre-sale tomorrow.



  1. These kits are both lovely!
    Looking forward to putting in my order for the sewing box kit tomorrow.....Thanks Laura!!!

    I hope things have improved at home with your hubby and kids.
    Take care!

  2. Oops!! I see it is already "tomorrow" by you, so all going well, I'll be placing my order soon!

  3. Love this pattern and of course the freebie seed pack....did you post the finished mini somewhere? I'd love to see what you created. Thanks so much Laura! Hope you & yours have a great Easter. Take care.