Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's KETCHUP day!

"Ketchup" on email...
"Ketchup" on laundry...
"Ketchup" on new projects...
"Ketchup" on old projects...

As long as the mustard doesn't drop in....

And, Sarah is a bit under the weather, so I'm getting some extra "mommy time". She is easy when she is sick...unlike the males in the household...

Hope your day is going well!



  1. I saw this picture and thought. What is she going to do with a bottle of ketchup. I don't know but I bet it will be great. LOL.

    Hope your day is going well as well. Tell Sarah we said "feel better".

  2. Pam I thought the same thing! LOL! Hope Sara gets to feeling just like new. ;)

  3. Oh My God, you really made us laugh Laura. I saw the picture and for a few seconds three different thoughts crossed my mind:
    1. Maybe there is a ketchup day in the US...:)))

    2. She has found a new way of making edible-glimmer mist...

    3. a new mini in the shape of a ketchup bottle... (why not, by the way LOL)

    Hope you can "ketchup" on everything you want.

  4. Oh and hope Sarah feels better... little girls are just like kittens when they are sick... they just want mommy...

  5. I GET IT! This is time for you to "catch up" with all your email, laundry, projects, etc.

    I need a "catch-up" day myself! LOL!

    Joy aka Zelda

  6. Sarah, I hope you feel better soon. You a wonderful assistant.