Friday, August 13, 2010

Today is Friday the 13th.....

...but yesterday sure felt like it!! I was feeling a bit like EVERYONE needed or wanted something from me and I just wanted to scream STOP!! at the world! I was in a bit of a snit yesterday when I posted, so I took it down soon afterwards. Everything is much better today!! August is typically a crazy busy month for me and this year seems worse. So, don't get concerned if I don't post a is just happening....(SMILING) Once the kids are back in school around Labor Day ... my schedule settles back to Mach 10 and I can stay ahead of it all much better!
Here's a bit of a teaser for what I will be doing tonight Ustream....I will do a longer post this afternoon soing the whole mini.



  1. I know exactly how you feel. I just tell everyone there is just 1 mom in this house and I only have 2 hands and feet, I can only do so much at 1 time. It will be ok, love the posts for tonights class.

    Chai Dackermann
    AKA tinkerbug0803

  2. Sure do understand Laura. Up at the cottage with all the grandchildren going in many different direction but it is all fun. Hoping to see the class tonight but family might have other ideas. That is why you record for us.

  3. I use the heart paperclips for hangers all the time. I did two wall hanging with a music theme and used them on great. I do like the teasers that's for sure...Thanks, hon...see you tonight...WOOT!

  4. Hi Laura!
    Glad all is good there. Can't make tonights show. Going to Atlantic City with hubby for our 15th wedding Anav. I will be watching the taped show. Have a good show tonight!
    Deann (d4dbaker)

  5. Oh, Laura! I think we can ALL sympathize!! Some days are just like that, unfortunately!!! No worries!!! Looking forward to tonight!!! Your teaser looks AWESOME, as usual!!! Love all the elements in the pics!!! Take a deep breath!!! Love ya!

  6. Laura,

    That's a big scrap tease! Looking forward to tonight and a chance to unwind after a hectic week.


  7. this definitely has me wondering - you're such a tease! It looks like another great project. I will be there to check it all out.
    Thanks again for sharing your talent.


  8. I will have to check it out, love the sneak peeks!!

  9. Looking forward to class tonight! I can so relate to the hectic month of august. I so loved the quiet that followed once my kids were back in school. I miss your WUW but can understand . heck, if I had it my way , you should have at least a few more shows up a week :) I just love your shows,have learned so much from you, and have become a Laura fan !

  10. No fair teasing us like that. Can't wait to see. Thanks for all you do.

  11. Sounds great! Thanks for the teaser!

  12. Oh, that looks like an awesome mini!!! I hope I can stay up to watch!! I hope you will be taping in case I fall asleep before you come on!!

    I second what LilGreenBug Says...

    I have no Idea how you manage to get done all that you do!! I certainly couldn't do half of what you manage to do in a weeks time.

    Be Good to Yourself!!


  13. I can completely relate. Some days or weeks are just like that. Good for you for taking the time to catch your breath or scream... or both. =0)
    I don't know how you do it all Laura. I'm still trying to keep up with my kids, household and get through all of the projects I picked up from you. lol

    Catherine (KitCatherine)

  14. Hi Laura,

    I understand what you mean. Some days I just feel like telling everyone that I changed my name and I am not telling anyone what it is.
    I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions.
    Relax and know that we love you and we understand.
    My son is going into the last year of college and August is still a crazy month for us. Getting school supplies, books, clothes etc.
    September is coming.
    Can't wait for tonight's class. Love the teasers.
    cheryl ( angelbug56)

  15. Laura I must admit I was a bit worried about u and your family, I though something horrible must have happened b'cuz u had not posted any thing on your blog or wuw, boy am I glad u r all safe and sound, I think you need to start something called the Laura day and on Laura day there is no phone , computer, no paper, fabric, ect, and on Laura day u can stay in ur pj's all day or do what ever makes u feel worthy and hubby gets the kids (but I think u have a wonderful hubby) he seems to spend alot of quality time with the kids when you are doing u-stream but my point to this is u r important to all of us and we love u:) so we need u healthly in every way:)so my prayers r with u Laura.

  16. What sneak peaks you have here look amazing!! I check your Ustream tomorrow. Love all your projects Laura! Thank you!

  17. Laura, I have no idea where you find the time to do what you do...with kids, family, business and playtime. So for you to get yourself in a 'snit' you are more than welcome to. Just know that we all care about you and are in awe of all that you do. We cherish every minute you share all of yourself with us and hope that it will continue. But please, take care of all you need to first...especially yourself. Take care.

  18. Hi Laura!
    I've been following you on ustream and youtube and LOVE the mini's you make! beautiful! I was wondering where you got the binding rings for this mini. I've never seen any with numbers on them! pretty!!! please let me know! thanks! :) and thanks for all you do, you're very talented!