Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ustream Recordings

Several of you have contacted me about not being able to view the recordings of my past shows on Ustream. I have found out that Ustream is having a "known issue regarding playback of recorded videos" and they are working to resolve the "issue". I will be recording this Saturday's class, so hopefully they will have it resolved by then.
Also, if you have a denim cover for your Strike a Pose Kit (the Blue awning ones) you will NOT need to paint them. They will be applied the same way, just not painted.
Looking forward to Saturday!



  1. Oh that's so good to know! I was trying to get your color class up again last night and couldn't do it!!! There was something on there I wanted to refer back to since I was playing with paint & doing a pathetic job I might add....and I couldn't watch it!!!

  2. Thanks Laura! Hopefully they'll get it fixed by Saturday. I won't be able to participate in the class live. Bummer. I'd love to follow along later, though.

  3. Hi Laura,
    I saw where you were looking for a website for the paper bags.....try this one
    They seem to have pretty decent prices.