Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the SIXTH Day of Christmas...

a Butterfly flew in and landed on a Tag Ornament!

First, the Butterfly.

To make this you will need a large skeleton leave and two smaller leaves.... any color! You will also need Judikins Glass Micro Beads, an oval Tim Holtz fragment, some tiny dewdrops or bling, Glossy Accents or similar, and a Xyron sticker maker or some sort of adhesive to attach the micro beads.

I cut my larger leaf to make the two upper wings as I show you here in the diagram. Trim them to the same size/shape if you need to. Remember, nature is not perfectly symetrical!

When you are happy with your wings, Run them through the Xyron machine or apply adhesive.

Remove backing and dip you wings in the micro beads. Brush off excess.

Glue the wings to the TH fragment with Glossy Accents.

Add tiny dew drops or bling for the body

Outline and accent wings with stickles in the color(s) of your choice. Add ribbon or cording for antenae.

While the butterfly dries you can work on the tag ornament....

Score three tags, 1/4" from each long edge.

Color, distress, emboss, and/or embellish your tags.

Attach tags together at 1/4" wide flange to form a triadic shape.

Add flowers, butterfly and accessories till you are happy with your ornament.

Hang it on your tree and ENJOY!

ENJOY the Holiday Season!!



  1. Beautiful butterfly! Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us. You are awesome!!

  2. Quite beautiful and looks like it would be fun to make one, two, three...!

  3. Laura, When I see something I really like..& cann't find it I figure out how to make it myself. Butterfly came out really really nice.
    Sheryl (

  4. Hi laura, i love your butterflie.. awesome tutorials..thanks for sharing.. :)

    (following your paper trail) ;)

  5. How do you 'see' this stuff?! When I look at a leaf....I see a look at it and see a butterfly?!!!! I'm just coveting this gift you have!!! Thank you for sharing it!!! I'm going to be sad when this series is done!!!

  6. Beautiful! And I have everything I need to make to find the time! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Laura! You are half way through! Thanks for the 2 fer today! Both are great ideas! And yes Laura, for a moment when your butterfly was taking flight I was thinkin to myself "this woman is goin batty! or maybe we should say fluttery!!!" lol!


  8. Wow....absolutely beautiful butterfly!! I am loving all of your ideas.

  9. awesome, super, super LADY OF MY CHRISTMAS
    Arohanui XxXx

  10. wow Laura this is so adorable so wonderful. i love it! a tag ornament with super butterflies. amazing thanks for sharing another fascinating fabulous project. enthralling ideas you are sooo creative hugs Jan

  11. wow...very beautiful butterfly!
    Too bad I can't find any of the stuff you used in my country but I always enjoy watching your videos.

  12. That is just GORGEOUS!!! I love it! Thank you so much!...Nancy :o)

  13. BEAUTIFUL !!! You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  14. Just gorgeous as usual! Thank you for all your hard work as you share your inspiration with us.

    Judy in Fernandina Beach, FL

  15. Ohmigosh these are just wonderful. WOW you are so creative. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

  16. Hi, I'm following your Paper Trail--I have spent most of the day looking at your videos and reading your blog. You have some awesome tutorials!

  17. Love your videos. Thanks so much for sharing. How do I find you on etsy?

  18. Just beautiful! Warm Hugs, Velma

  19. what a great way to make butterflies.
    love those little creatures.

    gonna make some of those.

    thanks so much for sharing!

  20. What a beautiful butterfly!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. You are just one amazing artist!
    How clever you are!
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Beautiful butterfly and I would never think to attach the tags like that to make an're a clever Laura you really are!

  23. This little creation makes my heart flutter!
    I sure would like to have wings and flutter over to your house for a day! maybe some of the creativity would rub off on me!
    Holiday Huz- Joyce